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“Second Son” by Lee Child Now Top 10 E-book

USA Today reported this week that the short story “Second Son” by Lee Child reached Number 8 on the paper’s Best Selling Books list. I posted on August 16 of the story’s release, noting that Child was the fifth author to sell one million e-books. While the Jack Reacher stories are outside of the literary […]

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Another short story to be published only electronically, this time Stephen King’s “Mile 81.” The Scribner’s press release describes it as the “chilling story of an insatiable car and a heroic kid whose worlds collide at an abandoned rest stop on the Maine Turnpike.” The Associated Press and USA Today reports that the e-book will […]


Best-selling author Karin Slaughter published “Thorn in My Side” exclusively on the Kindle today, and all proceeds will go to local libraries. The story appears on the Huffington Post and in a press release from Slaughter’s charity Save The Libraries.


Yesterday the U.K.’s Telegraph posted a science piece by Nick Collins opining that eBooks will be a bad thing for authors because publishers won’t pay print royalties for something “invisible.” I think he’s wrong on several levels. First, as he concedes, there are self-published authors doing quite well, thank you very much. And even without […]

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In the category of ebooks being good for the short fiction form. Fans of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher can read a short story about Reacher’s childhood days growing up in Okinawa. The short is available now, in advance of the prequel The Affair, to be released September 27. According to USA Today yesterday, Child is […]

Ebooks promising for short stories

People are paying for ebooks, no doubt. But will they pay for individual short stories? The answer may be yes, if the experience of tech blog Ars Technica is any indication. A couple weeks ago, John Siracusa published on the blog a (free) 27,300 word review of Apple’s new Mac OS X “Lion”. He also decided to […]