What's happening right now with short form fiction

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This debut collection of edgy shorts by Alissa Nutting won the 6th Starcherone Prize for Innovative Fiction and was chosen for that honor by author Ben Marcus, whose own New Yorker story “What Have You Done?” appeared on these pages August 8. Laura Valeri reviewed the collection last week for the online literary journal Fiction […]


Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s novels have appeared in 14 countries and in 13 languages. She blogs about the business of publishing, and recently she devoted almost 3000 words to the history, continued survival and outright thriving of the short story. She argues a point made on these pages, to wit, that the increasing popularity of electronic publishing will be […]

Author Zoe Winters warns of more short fiction

It’s not her main point by any means, but in her blog post yesterday entitled “The 99 Cent Ghetto,” paranormal romance author Zoe Winters suggests that should self-publishing novelists “race to the bottom” and set an industry-wide 99-cent price point, one result would be that “many people currently writing will simply quit writing (or will […]

Paulo Campos on short fiction

NYC writer and podcaster blogs about short form fiction, likening the challenge of writing it to a “decathalon in a walnut.” He also features an extensive blogroll for writers, many of which are devoted to the short story form.