What's happening right now with short form fiction

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Yesterday the U.K.’s Telegraph posted a science piece by Nick Collins opining that eBooks will be a bad thing for authors because publishers won’t pay print royalties for something “invisible.” I think he’s wrong on several levels. First, as he concedes, there are self-published authors doing quite well, thank you very much. And even without […]


Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s novels have appeared in 14 countries and in 13 languages. She blogs about the business of publishing, and recently she devoted almost 3000 words to the history, continued survival and outright thriving of the short story. She argues a point made on these pages, to wit, that the increasing popularity of electronic publishing will be […]

Paulo Campos on short fiction

NYC writer and podcaster blogs about short form fiction, likening the challenge of writing it to a “decathalon in a walnut.” He also features an extensive blogroll for writers, many of which are devoted to the short story form.