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The New Yorker‘s Book Bench blog yesterday suggested six short pieces (four of them fiction) to cuddle up with behind the boarded windows. There is also a link to Ben Greenman’s mp3 Hurricane playlist to set the mood. “Ocean 1212” essay by Sylvia Plath, recalling the great New England Hurricane of 1938 (depicted in the […]


The Guardian‘s Nicholas Lezard reviews a new collection of stories by the Nobel Prize-winning author. Chosen by Singer himself, the twenty-seven stories in this collection are among those that earned him the Nobel Prize. Lezard calls this collection the “essential” Singer collection, and offers some insight that may be new to American readers. Since Janice […]


This debut collection of edgy shorts by Alissa Nutting won the 6th Starcherone Prize for Innovative Fiction and was chosen for that honor by author Ben Marcus, whose own New Yorker story “What Have You Done?” appeared on these pages August 8. Laura Valeri reviewed the collection last week for the online literary journal Fiction […]


Last week the PEN American Center announced that the short story collection Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self by Danielle Evans will share this year’s top fiction prize with Susanna Daniel’s novel Stiltsville. The stories are coming-of-age tales of intelligent, gutsy young black women in America. The collection received glowing reviews from, among others,  […]


Literary pornography? Funny sexual escapades? “House of Holes” is all that. Though billed as a novel, this book is really a collection of hilarious and raunchy episodes tied together, which garners it a mention here. Sam Lipsyte reviews it in Sunday’s New York Times, and a podcast version is on the site. Askmen.com posts an […]


Reviewed in last week’s Guardian, this is Oz’s third collection of short stories, thematically stories of displacement or anxiety. It is less an novel than an interwoven collection of vignettes set in an imaginary village whose characters intrude on each other’s stories in the manner of a small community where everyone knows each other’s business.Here […]


The Pakistani Daily Times yesterday reviewed a short story collection entitled Pop Kahaniyan (“Pop Stories”) collected by Ali Sufian Afaqi. Afaqi is a respected journalist and filmmaker, with some 28 books to his credit. This review is fascinating, less for what it says about Afaqi’s stories than for what it says about some Pakistani opinions […]

Ron Rash Canongate’s short story collection

In yesterday’s Irish Times, Eileen Battersby reviews the new short story collection Burning Bright by Ron Rash Canongate. She calls the stories “astonishing, diverse” and describes Canongate’s vision as one that “resounds with truth.”

Study of The Thousand and One Nights

David Mikics reviews Andrei Codresu’s Whatever Gets You Through the Night: A Story of Sheherezade and the Arabian Entertaintments in Sunday’s Book Review for The New Republic Online. While Mikics does get around to reviewing the book, most of his piece reads like an essay of his own on what he calls “the world’s best-traveled […]

Daniel Orozco’s debut collection “Orientation”

John Williams’s generally favorable NYT Book Review of the nine workplace-themed stories in this collection, all of which appeared previously in literary journals.